Episode Guide - Mohawk Girls

Season 1

Episode 101 – Welcome to Our World

When Bailey’s ideal Mohawk man turns out to be less than ideal, she has to start her search all over again. Perfect Zoe finds a way to have secret fun that no one will know about. Caitlin hooks up with mean girl Vicky’s ex-boyfriend Butterhead and suffers the consequences. Free spirit Anna moves back to the strange world of the rez.

Episode 102 – Big Teepee

Anna gets a crash course in the rules of the rez when she invites her non-Native city friends to a rez party. Bailey searches for love and finds it in an unlikely place. Zoe calls her online dating stranger for a little sex chat to take the edge off. Caitlin pursues Butterhead to no avail…‘til he needs a place to crash.

Episode 103 – Hanky Spanky

Deciding she can have a little fun, Zoe lets loose at the local bar but she lets way too loose. Caitlin goes into sexy girlfriend overdrive to keep her flirtatious boyfriend from misbehaving. Bailey takes her cougar auntie’s advice and goes for a young pup. Quirky Anna undergoes a makeover to try to fit in but fails miserably.

Episode 104 – Where’s My Warrior?

Caitlin visits her family in Calgary to escape thoughts of her breakup with the cheating Butterhead. Zoe balks when her online dating stranger wants to meet in person. Taking a Mohawk language class, Anna tries to ignore how cute the teacher is – because he’s Bailey’s ex Thunder. Bailey goes to a nearby rez to expand her man horizons.

Episode 105 – Lobster Club

Bailey forces herself to date Mr. Mediocre but has more fun with new friend Jack. If only he wasn’t white. When Anna and Thunder are seen together, rumour spreads that they’re a couple. Zoe’s secret lover asks about her bedroom fantasies but she has no idea what they are. Caitlin takes Butterhead back and is on cloud nine.

Episode 106 – Tube Steak

Zoe pushes the boundaries in the bedroom but when she pushes too far, she freaks herself out. Alienated from the girls, Anna finds friendship in an unlikely place – with mean girl Vicky and her posse. Caitlin’s joy at being back together with Butterhead starts to wear off. Bailey is happy dating white guy Jack… ‘til her friends find out.

Episode 107 – Beast

Anna tries to implement her newfound “rez balls”. Bailey has to choose between what her community wants for her and what she wants. Turning into a doormat with Butterhead, Caitlin gets news that could change everything. When her pressure-cooker of a life becomes too much, Zoe takes her need for sexual adventure to the next level.

Season 2

Episode 201 – Building the Nation

Caitlin breaks her big news to Butterhead and is surprised by his reaction. Anna is thrilled she mustered her courage and went for Thunder but she’s petrified of Vicky’s retribution. Energized by her dirty little secret, Zoe goes into role model overdrive. Bailey’s exciting new relationship with white guy Jack takes a surprising turn.

Episode 202 – Freaksville

When her family intervenes in her love life again, Bailey makes a radical decision. Caitlin’s living arrangements become too close for comfort. When the girls find out about Zoe’s secret escape, they decide to check it out for themselves. Anna and Thunder have very different ideas about the right time to consummate their new relationship.

Episode 203 – What’s Your Number?

Anna finds out about the importance of blood quantum on the rez and worries about what her own number may be. Butterhead’s mom teaches Caitlin a few tricks on how to keep her man happy. Bailey begins her quest to find a great guy in the city. Jonesing for another sexual escape, Zoe searches high and low for a satisfying partner.

Episode 204 – Mohawk Style

Worried about her lack of a sex life with Butterhead, Caitlin hatches a plan to keep him satisfied. Anna struggles with her Mohawk status and what it could mean for her and Thunder. Having a hard time finding Mr. Right in the city, Bailey finds a way to speed up the process. Zoe takes a tentative first step in her quest for kink.

Episode 205 – Bridesmaidzilla

Maid of honour Zoe is going to make sure everything is perfect at her cousin’s wedding, even if it kills her… and everyone else. Caitlin realizes how much her dad and Butterhead have in common. Bailey jumps between city life and rez life, trying to figure out where she belongs. Anna is pressured to up her game in order to keep Thunder.

Episode 206 – Rez Balls

Bailey meets a guy who seems too good to be true. Is he? Zoe gets swept away in her secret escape and shirks her responsibilities at home. Caitlin struggles to make a choice about her future. When Anna’s secret is revealed, she has to find a way to salvage her relationship with Thunder and her position in the community.

Season 3

Episode 301 – Apology Week

Zoe tries to weasel her way back into Lollipop’s good graces. Bailey, down in the dumps after betraying Anna’s confidence, finds a way to make herself feel better -­‐ much better. Caitlin knows that Butterhead isn’t good enough to be her baby daddy but can’t quite admit that he isn’t good enough for her. Anna tries to pick up the pieces after everyone finds out that she’s less than 50% Native.

Episode 302 ‐ Pinó Noir

Zoe makes up with Lollipop only to realize that everyone else has a beef with her too. Bailey enjoys the excitement of an illicit affair… then has to face its consequences. Caitlin embarks on a self-­‐help journey and gets support from an unlikely -­‐ and sexy -­‐ source. Anna tries to atone for beating up Tulip but her efforts lead her to feel like the world’s worst Mohawk.

Episode 303 ­‐ Where are the Feathers?

Anna tries to prove that she’s more Mohawk than the Mohawks. Bailey is thrilled with her budding new relationship… mostly. Caitlin is determined to have it all… if only she can figure out how. Zoe hatches a plan to make the community like her again -­‐ a personality makeover!

Episode 304 ‐ Self-Helpless

Anna ups her involvement in the community and it ends up scaring the hell out of her. Caitlin, on the heels of her abortion, tries to push herself through a baby shower. Bailey compromises and finds middle ground in her relationship with Watio… but it’s exhausting. Zoe tries to find a new partner for her sexual escapes.

Episode 305 ‐ Going Native

The girls drag Bailey on a birthday trip to lift her spirits but it goes awry all too quickly. Caitlin tries to stick to the last vestiges of her self-­‐help journey but Butterhead distracts her from it. Zoe, desperate for another sexual escape, finds a new -­‐ and creepy -­‐ partner. Empowered by her new Warrior Coalition friends, Anna takes a stand at university.

Episode 306 ‐ To Flee or not to Flee?

As pressure mounts in Zoe’s life, her addiction gets out of hand. Bailey isn’t so hot on her relationship with Watio… ‘til he gives her the ultimate surprise. Caitlin gets loving from all sides and has to choose. Anna is forced to choose between family and the community.

Season 4


Episode 401 – Fauxhawk

Zoe seeks out a way to win back the community’s approval after missing Hawi’s fundraiser. Still tentative about her engagement, Bailey wonders if people are really capable of change. A newly single Anna questions what’s left for her on the rez. Caitlin considers whether being Non-Mohawk is really a dating deal-breaker.


Episode 402 – That’s Just the Way It Is

Plagued with self-doubt, Caitlin fears her new relationship is too good to be true. Bailey is thrilled to plan her dream wedding only to realize that Watio has dreams of his own. Anna struggles to fit in with the cool gang until she makes an unexpected new friend. Zoe’s new campaign platform is met with mixed reviews.


Episode 403 – Defending My Turf

Bailey wants a career she can feel passionate about. Caitlin lets her insecurities get the best of her and her relationship. Anna tries to date Mohawk style by pursuing guys the “white” way. Pleased her efforts are finally paying off, Zoe is back in control of her life, or so she thinks.


Episode 404 – Who’s the Bear Killer Now?

Anna, determined to regain her footing with the popular crowd, turns up the sex appeal and lowers her standards. Zoe’s confidence takes a hit when a new opponent enters the race. Bailey decides to broaden her horizons by broadening her vocabulary. Insecure after a fight, Caitlin avoids Leon until he surprises her in more ways than one.


Episode 405 – Hit It or Quit It

Mounting pressure sends Zoe in a downward spiral as she tries to please everyone. Caitlin grapples with backlash from the community for dating Leon. Anna is determined to finish what she started with Midas, no matter what his nickname is. Bailey refuses to let Watio dictate who she can be friends with.


Episode 406 – Marry Out, Get Out

Bailey fights with Watio ahead of their engagement party. Anna, desperate to impress, gets caught up protesting a cause that hits a little too close to home. Zoe relinquishes control as she tries to make up for her recent missteps. Reality sets in once Caitlin realizes Leon will never be welcome on the rez.


Episode 407 – Traitor

Caitlin’s resolve falters when old flame Butterhead starts stirring up trouble. Zoe struggles to focus on work and not succumb to temptation. Bailey panics about being with Watio forever. Things go from bad to worse as Anna seeks validation wherever she can get it.


Episode 408 – Powwow

Powwow weekend forces Anna to choose what kind of Mohawk she wants to be. Bailey is torn between her emotional desires and her cultural obligations. After all the effort Butterhead makes to win her back, Caitlin starts to see him in a new light. Zoe makes a life change after suffering the consequences of her actions.

Season 5

Episode 501

Episode 501 – Midas-itis

Anna has finally achieved total belonging but is she willing to pay the high cost of conformity? Getting treatment for her sex addiction, Zoe struggles in the touchy-feely environment of rehab. Bailey faces the ramifications of choosing white guy James over Watio. Caitlin, back together with Butterhead, is in the community’s good graces again. Now if only she can figure out how to break up with Leon.

Episode 502

Episode 502 – Pocahottie

Zoe returns home from rehab to face the music… and the rumor mill. Caitlin discovers the notion of self-love and warps it to suit her needs. James invites Bailey to meet his family and it goes surprisingly well… then surprisingly badly. The partying lifestyle takes its toll on Anna until she finds an unexpected source of energy.

Episode 503 – White But A'right

Episode 503 – White but A’right

Bailey tries – and fails – to juggle life with James and life on the rez. When Zoe’s journey toward a healthy life proves difficult, she fights the urge to relapse. Stuck in a life of conformity, Anna grows bitter toward Bailey for bucking the rules. Caitlin finds creative ways to bolster her self-esteem when things with Butterhead don’t go as she’d hoped.

Episode 504 – Shame Campaign

Episode 504 – Shame Campaign

Zoe forgoes her people-pleasing ways and tries to figure out what on earth she likes to do. Bailey takes James out into the community but it goes worse than she – and especially he – could have expected. Caitlin pursues her dream of a home hairdressing business but it jeopardizes her relationship with Butterhead. Anna makes great strides in becoming the kind of Mohawk she wants to be but her past actions undermine her progress.

Episode 505 – You In or You Out?

Episode 505 – You In or You Out?

Afraid that she’s going to lose Butterhead, Caitlin does everything she can to keep him. After a surprise visitor helps Zoe feel brave, she stands up to her parents for the first time in her life. Bailey chooses James over her community but seeing the beauty of the place makes her waver. Anna’s become the baddest mean girl in town but isn’t sure this is the life she wants.

506 – Warriors

Episode 506 – Warriors

Bailey wants both James and a place in her community but can she have it all? Tired of living by the rules, Anna finally takes a stand and is happily surprised at the results. Zoe considers a huge life change but isn’t sure she has the guts to do it. Caitlin has the ultimate choice to make – self-love or plain old love.